• Film Production Accouniting Services in Japan

    Production accounting in film works is different in each stage of planning development, preparation, and finishing. In the “project development” stage where negotiations, such as contribution, distribution, and casting are negotiated, the “budget plan” becomes the main business.

    In the “preparation” stage where the budget plan is settled, and the creative team such as the photography director and the art department participated, the simulation and the reorganization are repeated based on information of location hunting, etc., and make the “execution budget (plan)” . the same time cash flow will be created.

    And, in the “production” stage from start filming to post production, it takes charge of accounting work such as actual expense and payment, and reports how to use the production cost for the execution budget and cash flow, and controls the budget.

    In Europe and America, there are various differences in the contents and the idea of the practice of manufacturing accounting. In the film production by western capital, production accounting follow a specific accounting manual as required. Recently, there are cases in which China and Asian capital are involved, and the importance and expertise of manufacturing accounting are increasing.

    Our company budget control is a manufacturing accounting company with a lot of in-depth experience, and it corresponds to the project accounting for manufacturing film in Japan.


    The main tasks are following:

    • Production accounting:  We support production accounting in Japan
    • Allocation management:  We appropriately manage revenue from works in various fields and allocate it to stakeholders.
    • Consumption Tax Refund Processing:  Consider the consumption tax amount on the production cost in the film work produced in Japan by overseas capital, taking into consideration not only the consumption tax law but also other tax law provisions, appropriate taxation procedures, You can get refund by filing a declaration. We will support refund processing with advice from experts such as accountants etc.
    • SPC operation:  In the case of fund raising in film production, it was common to construct a production committee in Japan, but due to the growing popularity of Japanese animation and film works abroad, internationalization of funding is making progress, The procurement of fund raising method is also diversified. In establishing the fund procurement scheme, SPC (Special Purpose Company) is established, and it is possible to procure and operate a business planning and managing to operate in cooperation with lawyers / accountants with extensive experience.