• Film Production Accouniting Services in Japan

    Project Accounting=production Accounting


    For the role / position of production accounting, please see the following example of “production committee system”. The process from planning development to profit collection has been illustrated which is common in Japan.

    Flow of movie planning development to profit collection in Japan


    In Japan, during the film production process”production accounting” has been positioned as “accounting assistant of production desk” which is responsible for accounting work such as a large number of provisional payment, clear and transfer accounts. However, in recent years the scale of the budget has bee increased with the trend of the film works are becoming famous. With the increase in video production by capital participation which from Europe and America ,Asia, it supports the development of budgeting and financing materials from the planning and development stage, and the possibility of every possible situation,by sharing the figures and information with the line producer who starts preparation and photographing. It is necessary to understand the early stage and to manage the funds every day to be able to respond appropriately.