• Film Production Accouniting Services in Japan

    Creation・Revision of Accounting Manual

    In the production accounting of image epic series in Europe and the United States, a rule book “Accounting Manual” which all participating members are asked to follow.It gives a definition Such as the creation and submission of a cost report for each studio, the approval process of payment, the application procedure of cash flow, etc. After completion, an audit by an audit corporation will be involved. By creation and revision of Accounting Manual When you are not used to the Japanese studio, we provide consulting service based on extensive experience.

    Optimization of indirect material purchasing

    In film production, we are committing materials, human resources, and services.At the same time in daily life maybe purchase goods that are not strategic. Each one of them occurs with small amounts dispersed, but when accumulated it will be a considerable amount. We can find out about such “indirect materials / non-strategic purchasing” and give advice for appropriate cost savings.

    Counseling service

    For staff who are worried because there is no counseling partner about production accounting at the work and for line producers etc. who want us to point out at the planning stage.Pay for the advisory fee monthly, We will respond to your question in the general production accounting.Perhaps we will hold the lectures for the staff who are in charge of. Please feel free to contact us.