• Film Production Accouniting Services in Japan

    Corporate representative   Tajima Ken

    • Born in Gunma prefecture: born in 1979, 39 years old
    • Graduated from Business Administration Department of Commerce, Takushoku University in 2001

    Work as an AD for film production since college

    • February 2000 ~ Channel J Co., Ltd.
    • March 2005 ~ Entertainment Partners Inc. Asia

    After that, freelance as manufacturing accounting

    • February 2006 ~ Cine Bazaar Co., Ltd.
    • October 2013 Established Budget Control Co., Ltd.

    Production Accounting With Professional partners


    To be able to respond flexibly to the needs of domestic and foreign film work production

    set up a company and till the present.


    before the establishment of the company Worked as production accounting, the following are the films (* when in Entertainment Partners Inc. Asia)

    Released yearTypeTitleDistributionsProductions
    2005Film『Spring Snow』※Toho Pictures,Inc.CineBazar
    2006Film『Young brave〜GAMERA〜』※KADOKAWA Pictures,Inc.KADOKAWA Pictures,Inc.
    2006Film『The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 』※Universal StudiosCineBazar
    2006Film『バックダンサーズ!』Fuji Television Network, Inc.ステューディオスリー
    2007Film『バブルへGO!!』Fuji Television Network, Inc.CineBazar
    2007Film『SAIYUKI』Fuji Television Network, Inc.CineBazar
    2007Film『HERO』Fuji Television Network, Inc.CineBazar
    2007Film『クローズド・ノート』Toho Pictures,Inc.CineBazar
    2008Film『隠し砦の三悪人』Toho Pictures,Inc.CineBazar
    2008Film『山のあなた』Fuji Television Network, Inc.CineBazar
    2008Film『The Magic Hour』Fuji Television Network, Inc.CineBazar
    2008Film『Twentieth Century Boys 1: Beginning of the End』Nippon Television Network CorporationCineBazar
    2008Film『私は貝になりたい』TBS HDCineBazar
    2009Film『Twentieth Century Boys 2: The Last Hope』Nippon Television Network CorporationCineBazar
    2009Film『アマルフィ』Fuji Television Network, Inc.CineBazar
    2009Film『Twentieth Century Boys 2: The Last Hope』Nippon Television Network CorporationCineBazar
    2011Film『Oba: The Last Samurai』Nippon Television Network CorporationCineBazar
    2011Film『ロック〜わんこの島〜』Fuji Television Network, Inc.CineBazar
    2011Film『こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所』TBS HDCineBazar
    2012FilmLOVE まさお君が行く!』テレビ東京CineBazar
    2012Film『ひみつのアッコちゃん』Nippon Television Network CorporationCineBazar
    2012Film『私の奴隷になりなさい』KADOKAWA CineBazar
    2013Film『ATARU』TBS HDCineBazar
    2013Film『謝罪の王様』Nippon Television Network CorporationCineBazar
    2013Film『The Kiyosu Conference』Fuji Television Network, Inc.CineBazar